Session Rates

You are welcome to contact me at 513.802.2079 to schedule an appointment. Using LIIFT, Reiki, Quantum-Touch, intuitive insights, and other techniques, I can help you bring more JOY to your life. You CAN feel whole, complete, and fulfilled.

In-person, transformative, self-growth sessions in Northside, Cincinnati (occasionally, I will work in people’s homes) – $70 per session

Power Animal Retrieval – recommended for anyone who has suffered for many years with an illness, who has lost their zest for life, or is experiencing unexplained setbacks – $100 (A one-on-one initial session is required before a Power Animal Retrieval which is always done in-person.)

Reiki and Quantum-Touch session to help you move past pain or help with spinal alignment. Also excellent to recover from grief, depression, or stress. $80 per session

Remote Healing for Pets$44/session. I help to release trapped emotions that cause your pet to be grumpy, sad, frustrated, or bark too much. Highly recommended for animals who were abandoned or adopted from a shelter.

Self-growth, telephone Session$60 per session

I also work with children and am intuitively guided to draw on various techniques depending on the child’s needs. A parent or guardian is always present for a session with a child. Sensitive children can benefit from this work as well as any child who has suffered trauma. $70 per session