Session Rates

You are welcome to contact me at 513.802.2079 to schedule an appointment. Using LIIFT, Reiki, Quantum-Touch, intuitive insights, and other techniques, I can help you bring more JOY to your life. You CAN feel whole, complete, and fulfilled.

In-person, transformative, self-growth sessions in Northside, Cincinnati (occasionally, I will work in people’s homes) – $70 per session

Power Animal Retrieval – recommended for anyone who has suffered for many years with an illness, who has lost their zest for life, or is experiencing unexplained setbacks – $100 (A one-on-one initial session is required before a Power Animal Retrieval which is always done in-person.)

Reiki and Quantum-Touch session to help you move past pain or help with spinal alignment. Also excellent to recover from grief, depression, or stress. $80 per session

Remote Healing for Pets$44/session. I help to release trapped emotions that cause your pet to be grumpy, sad, frustrated, or bark too much. Highly recommended for animals who were abandoned or adopted from a shelter.

Self-growth, telephone Session$60 per session

I also work with children and am intuitively guided to draw on various techniques depending on the child’s needs. A parent or guardian is always present for a session with a child. Sensitive children can benefit from this work as well as any child who has suffered trauma. $70 per session


Welcome, and List of Services

* I published a book called Living Their Soul Purposes: Interviews With 25 Healers. These interviews are with individuals in the Greater Cincinnati area who are doing unique, wonderful healing work – such as Reiki, acupuncture, equine therapy, helping women give birth and prepare for birth consciously, theta energy healing, genetic re-patterning, and more. One chapter is devoted to Earth-healers who are using permaculture and/or organic farming to help heal the earth.
You can purchase this book through and It makes a great graduation or birthday gift, and readers tell me they are receiving guidance about healing modalities they are going to try. Some are even thinking about making career changes!
If you would like to interview me about my book, you are welcome to contact me.

Bless you for visiting, and may your day offer you much delight!