Testimonials about Doris’ work

Following are testimonials from clients about the healing I facilitate: Reiki, Quantum Breathwork, Remote Healing, Basic Remote Space Clearing of Houses, Apartments, and Properties, Shamanic Drum Journeys, Power Animal Retrievals, seminars, and more.

Dear Doris, I just had an amazing healing session with you. I came in scattered, late, energetically frantic. Following our half hour session, I feel centered – and in that center – in my core – I can physically FEEL profound emotional release happening. Thank you for trusting, tapping in and offering your gift of healing.

My session with Doris Schnetzer was extremely powerful. With stunning precision, she identified several points of emotional trauma from my childhood through early adulthood that were negatively affecting my life. She released them and I was able to forgive and let go of people and matters that haunted me.

In a remote healing session, I have experienced pain relief and a feeling of well being. Also, I have been able to sleep much better which is so helpful for my body especially with fibromyalgia. I love receiving this kind of healing.” Pam D.

“After a Quantum Healing and Reiki session, my cells were singing ‘Alleluia!’.” J.S., Cincinnati

“Something about my property felt heavy and kind of dark. After Doris did the space clearing, it felt much lighter and easier to live there. It felt like something dark had moved on from there.” M.F.

I feel quite productive today and just feel very good – better than usual! S.A., a business owner (after entities were released/moved on from an office building)

“I wasn’t sure if it would work, but after the space clearing I scheduled, I was finally able to sell my house quickly. What a relief after all this time!” Colleen T.

“I wasn’t expecting to receive the intuitive information Doris provided for me after the healing session which she did remotely. It was accurate and helpful and showed me what I had to work on. And the actual remote healing session was great!” J.G.

“The Shamanic Drum Journey helped me connect with my spirit animals, and the drumbeat felt very healing for my heart. Good work!” Lisa C.

“I suffered from scoliosis for over 40 years. After three sessions, my spine straightened and my feet moved from being splayed to a normal position. Thank you so much for your help. You are a blessing!” Nancy S.

“Thank you for your vision for your book and all your hard creative work.” Kelly B.


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