Session Rates

You are welcome to contact me at 513.802.2079 to schedule an appointment. Using LIIFT, Reiki, Quantum-Touch, intuitive insights, and other techniques, I can help you bring more JOY to your life. You CAN feel whole, complete, and fulfilled.

In-person, transformative, self-growth sessions in Northside, Cincinnati (occasionally, I will work in people’s homes) – $70 per session

Power Animal Retrieval – recommended for anyone who has suffered for many years with an illness, who has lost their zest for life, or is experiencing unexplained setbacks – $100 (A one-on-one initial session is required before a Power Animal Retrieval which is always done in-person.)

Reiki and Quantum-Touch session to help you move past pain or help with spinal alignment. Also excellent to recover from grief, depression, or stress. $80 per session

Remote Healing for Pets$44/session. I help to release trapped emotions that cause your pet to be grumpy, sad, frustrated, or bark too much. Highly recommended for animals who were abandoned or adopted from a shelter.

Self-growth, telephone Session$60 per session

I also work with children and am intuitively guided to draw on various techniques depending on the child’s needs. A parent or guardian is always present for a session with a child. Sensitive children can benefit from this work as well as any child who has suffered trauma. $70 per session



The last two sentences in the third paragraph on page 15 in my book, Living Their Soul Purposes: Interviews With 25 Healers should read: I learned about this when I attended a conference held at the BraveHearts Therapeutic Riding Center in Illinois last year. Dr. Allan Hamilton who is a neurosurgeon spoke there, and he wrote a book called Zen Mind, Zen Horse: The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horses.

Sorry about the little goof, J. Elise Ellinghausen and Dr. Allan Hamilton. This revision will show up in the Kindle version of the book and my next book revision.

Testimonials about Doris’ work

Following are testimonials from clients about the healing I facilitate: Reiki, Quantum Breathwork, Remote Healing, Basic Remote Space Clearing of Houses, Apartments, and Properties, Shamanic Drum Journeys, Power Animal Retrievals, seminars, and more.

Dear Doris, I just had an amazing healing session with you. I came in scattered, late, energetically frantic. Following our half hour session, I feel centered – and in that center – in my core – I can physically FEEL profound emotional release happening. Thank you for trusting, tapping in and offering your gift of healing.

My session with Doris Schnetzer was extremely powerful. With stunning precision, she identified several points of emotional trauma from my childhood through early adulthood that were negatively affecting my life. She released them and I was able to forgive and let go of people and matters that haunted me.

In a remote healing session, I have experienced pain relief and a feeling of well being. Also, I have been able to sleep much better which is so helpful for my body especially with fibromyalgia. I love receiving this kind of healing.” Pam D.

“After a Quantum Healing and Reiki session, my cells were singing ‘Alleluia!’.” J.S., Cincinnati

“Something about my property felt heavy and kind of dark. After Doris did the space clearing, it felt much lighter and easier to live there. It felt like something dark had moved on from there.” M.F.

I feel quite productive today and just feel very good – better than usual! S.A., a business owner (after entities were released/moved on from an office building)

“I wasn’t sure if it would work, but after the space clearing I scheduled, I was finally able to sell my house quickly. What a relief after all this time!” Colleen T.

“I wasn’t expecting to receive the intuitive information Doris provided for me after the healing session which she did remotely. It was accurate and helpful and showed me what I had to work on. And the actual remote healing session was great!” J.G.

“The Shamanic Drum Journey helped me connect with my spirit animals, and the drumbeat felt very healing for my heart. Good work!” Lisa C.

“I suffered from scoliosis for over 40 years. After three sessions, my spine straightened and my feet moved from being splayed to a normal position. Thank you so much for your help. You are a blessing!” Nancy S.

“Thank you for your vision for your book and all your hard creative work.” Kelly B.

Communing With Trees – an original poem by Doris

Communing with Trees

Four towering green spruce trees convene at the street corner.
They are the stolid, well-turned-out sentinels —
like the reliable regulars who hold their posts at the local coffee shop.
Observers think they’re not communicating. But, like elder statespeople, they
whisper among each other all the time, especially when the wind rises.
It is then that they huddle with intent. They are the village protectors and
actually pray together, sending healing through needles that form in spirals.
When resting, the trees’ branches lilt upward like the graceful arms of a ballet dancer.

The sycamores stand quietly showy with mottled and beautiful bark.
They prefer to grow near water. When the sun shines on their layered bark,
the white parts glow like porcelain in a museum. It is meant to be admired.
These trees keep fairly quiet; their gorgeous appearance is contribution enough.
Placidly, their roots take in water near the creek that gurgles like a baby.
Elegantly attired like art museum docents, they help people to pause at nature’s splendor.

Pine trees emit a scent that surpasses any perfume.
People get near pine trees to shake off mourning and depression.
When you enter a pine grove, the carpet of dried needles underfoot
creates a hushed atmosphere. This is like padding into a cathedral.
When you look up and view graceful branches swaying above,
you do feel closer to a higher source. It is certain you tread on hallowed ground.

The old oak tree has branches that creak as if it’s arthritic and moaning.
A shaman once said that great oak trees beg to be appreciated, so
these lamentations may be their way of getting attention.
This tree is perfect for leaning against. Better yet, sit at the oak’s broad base and
sense the gentle pulse of this mighty behemoth.
Even heavy ravens rest easily in its strong branches.

The trees in my neighborhood are like friends, and people watch them grow.
Like grandparents, aunts, and uncles, they are guardians who are
aware of the presence of individuals. These tall guards provide shady respite from
Summer’s heat and a buffer from Winter’s howling winds.
They give silent lessons about bending with the breeze, planting deep roots,
and giving as much as you can. All this they do with unselfconscious grace.

Haiku for You

Pale morning moon hangs
round – like a dusted cake pan
waiting for batter.

Beady eyes and stout
neck with feathers that glisten—
teeter on thin sticks.

The diaphanous
moon haze: a chiffon dress drapes
that old man up there.

Leprechaun green, the heart-shaped

Leaves flutter beside the stolid,

pale office building

Outside, the white wisteria
bloom and silently cry to bleary-eyed
workers – look at us!

Spring green – tender colors

open the trapped heart –

mired by Winter’s grays.

Welcome, and List of Services

* I published a book called Living Their Soul Purposes: Interviews With 25 Healers. These interviews are with individuals in the Greater Cincinnati area who are doing unique, wonderful healing work – such as Reiki, acupuncture, equine therapy, helping women give birth and prepare for birth consciously, theta energy healing, genetic re-patterning, and more. One chapter is devoted to Earth-healers who are using permaculture and/or organic farming to help heal the earth.
You can purchase this book through and It makes a great graduation or birthday gift, and readers tell me they are receiving guidance about healing modalities they are going to try. Some are even thinking about making career changes!
If you would like to interview me about my book, you are welcome to contact me.

Bless you for visiting, and may your day offer you much delight!